Delightful HHI podcast

I love learning more about my former hometown. The host is respectful of his guests (doesn’t interrupt or hog the “airtime”) and the guests are always good storytellers. I’ve learned a lot from this pod. Hope there will be more episodes.

Listening to these amazing stories while cooking. YAH!

REVIEW I WROTE: As I listen to one after the other amazing stories of locals and their challenges, their love of living on Hilton Head Island, I often feel transported in time. I have a visual mind so I feel like I'm right where the story is told. I have learned so much about Hilton Head and it's community and the people that live there. Thank you Jay McCain for being such a great host and for putting endless hours of your time and talent and to edit of the show to give us a fun glimpse into local people’s lives and experiences. The show I feel demonstrate a fine community of special people who participate in making Hilton Head what it is. ~A TRUE PARADISE.


What a great podcast for a “new-be” to listen to! Can’t wait for the next segments!

Perfectly enjoyable

I live on Hilton Head. I have read a good deal about the history of the island and the area in general as well as Charles Fraser. This podcast is providing so much additional information and wonderful stories about Fraser and the island. Keep up the good work!


These are all just wonderful!

Amazing Look at an Amazing Place

Thank you for capturing the stories of this amazing place and the people that make it special. As someone who has been coming for 40+ years, and now has the joy of bringing my own family, there is a very fond place in my heart for this island, and Sea Pines in particular. As someone who sat on Gregg’s knee to sing many many years ago, I truly enjoyed hearing more of his stories and all he’s doing to give back.

Informational and entertaining!

Really impressed by the quality and detail of this podcast. After listening to the first episode, my husband and I were hooked and binge listened to the remaining available episodes. Looking forward to the episodes to come! Thanks so much, Jay!

Simply Wonderful Podcasts!

I love the interviews with the people chosen to talk about Hilton Head Island and the surrounding area and people! The interviewer is great at precipitating an easy conversation that we listeners, almost feel included in. The flow is easy, cordial and intimate.

A Must Listen

These podcasts are terrific! Listening to Gregg Russell talk about how he came to Hilton Head and about his Hilton Head Heroes Foundation was excellent. I also loved hearing from Stu Dawson about the planning and designing of Sea Pines and his relationship with Charles Fraser. Reaffirmed what makes Hilton Head so special.

Love this podcast!

My husband and I binge-listened to 5 episodes today on our way to Asheville. (We have been coming to Hilton Head for 20+ years and are now Sea Pines property owners and part-time residents.) We paused the podcast numerous times to discuss something interesting that we heard but hadn’t known. I think that anyone who loves spending time on the Island should subscribe and listen—they won’t be sorry!

Wonderful information

These podcasts are just a phenomenal FUN learning tool of the LowCountry /Hilton Head. Kudos to the author!! THANK YOU

278 to Lighthouse Road

I love hearing from long-time locals and learning more about our second home! Thanks for starting this podcast!